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Maria is an artist from Poland who was born with a passion for drawing and painting. In the 70’s, she graduated from the School of the Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland, where she studiet drawing and painting under Jerzy Wojciech Biniec. After carrier in marketing and visual advertising in Warsaw (Poland 1993-2000) she emigrated to the United States in 2001.

The artist continues her creative work in the US. In 2003 she presented her work at the Polish Festival in The Science & Technology Museum of Atlanta, Georgia. After the success of her first exhibition in the US, Maria continued showing her artwork for a few years at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center, in association with the Chopin Society of Atlanta.

In 2011, Maria moved to New Jersey where she continues her artistic pursuits in the fields of painting and photography. In addition, she promotes Polish-American artists in the Polish Daily News (Nowy Dziennik), the largest Polish-American publishing house. Furthermore, Maria is a frequent author of artistic reviews, articles and serves as an event photographer at exhibitions.

Maria’s work is distinguished for her creative diversity combining drawing, portrait skills and photography. Her artwork is saught after with great interest by art enthusiasts and collectors. According Maria "The world is creative and my consciousness has no limit, so I am emotionally and energetically related to the source of life, colors, lights and non-predictable human nature.  Among these offerings from the world, I search for truth about me in the context of nature and existence. I paint the beauty and music of the world on canvas, and these values complement each other in perfect harmony."

Maria’s work can be seen in Poland, Europe, Canada and the United States.
* The Artist paints portraits on request